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Simple tips for your mobility scooter in costa del sol

Simple tips for your scooter…
If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter for reduced mobility in costa del sol or you already own one, we will help you so that you always have it in perfect condition, and continue enjoying your day to day life.

Daily Review

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Something very simple and that will take you little time. This way you make sure you avoid future more complex problems.

– Keep clean the areas where the motor is coupled to the chassis (in the case of removable electric scooters). By cleaning that area you avoid gaps and annoying noises.

– Cleaning the wheels of the electric scooter since dirt, threads, hair, etc. usually accumulate in their bearings. Mainly in the front wheels, you should also keep a little lubricated for a correct movement.

Check-up at least once a month
– Since some electric scooters for the disabled have pneumatic wheels, it is advisable to check that they are inflated and with the correct air pressure.

-Check the tread of the tires of your motorized wheelchair or electric scooter for disabilities, if you use it daily and travel a long distance, they are usually subject to greater wear. And wear also usually occurs because they have too much or too little air pressure.

-When driving your electric mobility scooter check that it does not emit strange sounds of which we had previously mentioned.

Full Monthly Maintenance

-In this review, anti-tip wheels will be checked, especially, checking the tight screws and if they have a lot of wear.

-Armrests, check that they fold correctly without rubbing and that all the seat screws are tight to prevent wear and slack when folding.

-If the folding scooter usually makes noise, you can apply lubricant for its correct folding and unfolding.

-Keep the seat covers in good condition to always have good comfort when moving.

Monitor batteries

-It is essential that we keep our batteries in good condition, we should always try to carry out long charges until the green light on the charger indicates that the charge is complete.

-Avoid total discharge of the battery, as this causes the useful life of the battery to be shortened. We recommend that you charge it at the end of the day when you are no longer using the scooter.

-If you do not use the scooter for very long periods, you should do 1 long charge at least 1 time a month.

-The connections must always be firm to avoid loss of energy, and keep in mind that climatic conditions (very cold or very hot) sometimes affect the correct operation.

How to take care of the Electric Motor of our Scooter
-When you are not going to use it, you must leave the engine without the clutch or brake, it is a yellow lever located under the seat near the rear wheels.

-If you notice strange noises you have to contact the technical service since it is a very important part of the scooter and special care must be taken when repairing. In case of any inconvenience, contact us.