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What is a folding scooter?

Folding electric scooters for the disabled are designed to provide personal mobility and autonomy to elderly people who cannot walk for a long time or to replace wheelchairs and serve as an urban transport vehicle for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.
A folding scooter is a portable mobility scooter foldable into 1 part, so it will be very easy to store and transport. The folding mobility scooters are the best option for travelling because you can take it as a  luggage on a plane: The special feature of these electric scooters is that they can be folded and are highly valued because once folded they take up very little space and can be stored or carried in a boot without being in the way.

Which is the best lightweight folding mobility scooter in spain


When you go to buy or hire your folding electric scooter, you should consider the following aspects:

– They are also very useful in situations such as small lifts where a small scooter may not fit into the lift: There are many people who choose to buy a folding electric scooter because when they get to the lift, they can stand up and fold the electric scooter and take it up or down without any problems. This provides greater autonomy and solves the problem that many people have because if there were no folding electric scooters for the disabled, they would not be able to leave the house.

Calculate your size and choose the right size folding scooter.
Before choosing your folding electric scooter, calculate your height and choose the size of scooter and the most comfortable model, as you should feel comfortable when seated.
Remember that there are different models of folding scooters for disabled people. The folding systems can be manual or electric. Many people who use folding scooters are accompanied by a companion and can have help to fold it, while others have to fold the scooter themselves. Therefore, it is important to take a few minutes when choosing the folding model and to take into account your mobility and strength in order to be able to lift the scooter into the car, for example.
In Mobility costa, we are specialists in scooters for disabled people.
We have the best and most modern folding scooters for hire in Spain, with pneumatic tyres that will help you to ride more comfortably, as when you go over bumps, the impact on your body is much less noticeable, as the pneumatic tyres absorb the irregularities of the road surface.


Thanks to technological developments last years, there are a wide variety of electric devices on the market to improve the personal mobility of people with disabilities or reduced mobility.
In addition to motorised wheelchairs, nowadays the use of electric scooters has become popular. Manufactured under the strictest safety and quality standards, they provide a new way of getting around, giving a different style to classic wheelchairs.
Folding electric scooters with 3 or 4 wheels.
These models of electric scooters can have 3 or 4 wheels and have adjustable handlebars, almost always folding or folding. The cushioned seats provide comfort that allows for hours of use while adopting good postures. The autonomy can be chosen depending on the model and/or type of battery.
When we need an electric scooter for daily mobility, we find endless possibilities, sizes, features, designs and configurations.
Many customers are sometimes looking for a lightweight, foldable and portable scooter that allows them to carry it in a boot when travelling or to take it up in a small lift in which neither a wheelchair nor a conventional scooter can fit.
Within the segment of folding, lightweight and portable scooters, there are different versions of configuration, dimensions, autonomy, batteries, accessories, weights, tyre types and all with a wide variety of colours and designs available and very easy to drive.
Many of the models, already fitted with lights, are built on an aluminium chassis, reducing weight without sacrificing robustness.
The easy manoeuvrability and durability, together with the fast and comfortable folding make this type of electric scooter very popular among people with disabilities or reduced mobility to make their journeys, especially when they go on trips, avoiding in many occasions the help of another person to assemble the seat and unfold the scooter as there are even models that are assembled and disassembled automatically by themselves just by pressing the button on the remote control.
We advise you to have different scooters for each occasion as it is not the same to travel for long periods of time and in adverse conditions (high slopes or uneven terrain) as it is to travel on smooth pavements without potholes.
Never hesitate to consult us before hiring or making a purshase. A specialist will be there to advise you on the product that will meet your personal mobility needs, analysing your personal characteristics, such as weight, height, frequency and place of use and personal autonomy. These aspects are important when making the right choice and our qualified professionals will help you in a few minutes to make the best choice so that your electric scooter is configured to your liking and gives you the independence you need.

Folding mobility scooters for sale Spain

This is a selection of the best folding mobility scooters you can buy in spain. 

Folding mobility scooter terra


  • 86 x 46,5 x 87-100 cm.
  • folded : 37 x 46,5 x 78 cm.
  • user weight max 115 kg.
  • speed 6 km/h
  • 180W

Folding mobility scooter luna


  • 96 x 53 x 87-100 cm
  • folded : 37 x 46,5 x 78 cm.
  • user weight max 115 kg.
  • Weight with batteries 29,5kg
  • .

Folding mobility scooter Brio


  • 96 x 53 x 87-100 cm.
  • Weigh 27.5 kg
  • user weight max 115 kg.
  • speed 6 km/h
  • 270W
  • .

Ultra lightweight folding mobility scooter spain

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