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Recommendations for purchasing a folding electric scooter

Folding electric scooters represent the most effective option for people with reduced mobility scooter
It is necessary to follow certain recommendations to acquire a folding electric scooter

for this you must consider the characteristics of the electric mobility scooter for the disabled, particularly its weight, size and battery life. The electric scooters should be light, that is, with little weight, so they can be easily lifted and carried on airplanes in a sealed bag, and its size is suitable for any small space.

The speed of the mobility scooter,

Another feature to consider when purchasing a folding electric scooter is the speed of the mobility scooter, which depends on the weight of the user and the conditions of the terrain where it travels, it is desirable to have 13 to 20 km of autonomy. On sloping terrain the batteries run out faster than on flat terrain.

The number of wheels

The number of wheels of the electric scooters is another important characteristic, they can have 3 or 4 wheels. Three-wheeled scooters are less stable than four-wheeled ones. Three-wheeled electric scooters have certain advantages such as greater maneuverability in corners, this is due to their smaller turning radius. In addition, the comfort to place the legs, especially in users who have joint problems or those users who are very tall. Four-wheeled electric scooters are more stable, providing better balance.

The batteries of the folding electric scooters

The batteries of the folding electric scooters, are 10V or 14V batteries, are carried on the mobility scooter itself and are recharged by plugging into the mains. In addition, they use lithium batteries, which provide more energy and weigh less.

The mobility scooters are operated with two joysticks: the left thumb is used to maneuver backwards and the right thumb forwards, with the higher the pressure, the higher the speed. If the pressure is released, braking is automatically activated, because they have an electromagnetic braking system.

Maneuverability, electric scooters for the disabled are used in small spaces such as supermarkets and elevators. The distance from the electric scooter to the ground must be sufficient to maneuver easily and not damage the chassis or motor. The power must be adequate, at least to climb slopes of 6 degrees.

Many handicapped scooter accessories can be requested by the user for convenience.

Folding electric scooters increase freedom and independence for people with reduced mobility.