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Mobility Scooters & equipment rentals

Benalmadena – Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Hire Benalmadena

Mobility scooters hire, wheelchairs and equipment in costa del sol : Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, torremolinos, Estepona , Malaga and costa del sol

Mobility scooters hire in Benalmadena – spain

Rent your mobility scooter in Benalmadena with MobilityCosta.com . Perfect electric mobility scooters with delivery service to Benalmadena, arroyo de la miel, Puerto marina and Benalmadena costa.

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Steel standard Wheelchairs hire Benalmadena

Manual wheelchairs hire : Selfpropelled and attendant propelled. 

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Ultra lightweight wheelchairs hire in Benalmadena

The Ultra Light  Wheelchair is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of mobility. Boasting it’s sleek, unique design and innovative features it will forever impress you. While undeniably lightweight, its strong aluminium frames you can be sure these lightweight wheelchairs have both strength and durability; providing you with a long-lasting finished product.

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Rollator Hire / Rental Benalmadena

We offer a variety of walkers to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional walker ora heavy duty one , our rental offer can help, and we have also the Forearm walker model.
Rental prices vary depending on the type of walker you choose,  we offer a very affordable rates.
Walkers can be rented in Benalmadena for 3 days or more depending on your needs.

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Bathroom aids hire in Benalmadena

Mobility costa offers a wide range of bathroom aids for hire in benalmadena, loke shoer chairs, commode chairs, selfpropelled and also attendant propelled.

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Mobility equipment

You can hire also with mobilitycosta.com your hoist or hospital bed in Benalmadena, we deliver and install all the equipement directly to your home or hoteal

Benalmádena, history of a town

Benalmádena is, in itself, one of those enclaves that is worth visiting, living and remembering. It is a privileged territory in which the tranquility of its atmosphere, the beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of its people go hand in hand with a wide range of leisure and recreation. it s an ideal city to enjoy with a mobility scooter.
Geographically located in the very center of the Costa del Sol, just eleven kilometers from the airport, and with easy road communications, Benalmádena, due to the configuration of its municipal area, can offer, at the same time, possibilities for lively entertainment, quiet place of rest and an important cultural activity, which present it as an ideal place for the visitor of any type.
You won’t be able to forget us.

hotels, villas and apartments where we deliver in Benalmadena

Apartamentos Playa Bonita HCHP+C5 Benalmádena Av. de la Torre, 102, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.786.023 -45.645.657
Panoramic Penthouse HFJ6+M7 Benalmádena Av. del Sol, 18, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.817.199 -45.392.707
Apartamento Calaquebrada HCJV+MW Benalmádena C. Timón, 23, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.816.998 -45.552.131
Bayview Lux Arroyo de la Miel – Holiday dream by Solrentspain JC3Q+CG Benalmádena 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 366.035.704 -45.612.048
Apartment in Senorio de Torrequebrada HCJV+WR Benalmádena C. Timón, 27, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.822.723 -45.554.685
La Perla Beachfront HCGF+J8 Benalmádena C. Antares, 29, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.765.628 -45.767.465

Villa Noelia Benalmadena JF47+9M Benalmádena C. Jumilla, 7, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 366.058.726 -45.358.253
Puerto Marina Shopping HFWP+V4 Benalmádena Puerto Deportivo de Benalmadena, Av. del Puerto Deportivo, s/n, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.972.176 -45.146.809
The Beach Club Higueron HCC5+QX Benalmádena Av. del Sol, 225, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.719.103 -45.901.237
Benalmádena Golf JC2R+MX Benalmádena Ctra. De Arroyo de la Miel a, Pueblo, s/n, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 366.016.679 -45.575.754
Rainbow Apartments | Apartamentos residenciales para mayores Benalmádena Málaga HCPV+6F Benalmádena C. Catamarán, s/n, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 36.585.615 -4.556.314
Hotel Benalmadena Principe HCWG+29 Benalmádena C. de los Geraneos, 8, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.951.201 -45.740.181

Good Places HFP8+F4 Benalmádena C. Torrealmádena, 3, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.862.401 -45.346.633
Apartamentos en la playa de Benalmádena. Canaima Beach. HFVH+F7 Benalmádena Av. Antonio Machado, 47, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.937.192 -45.217.534
Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional HCXR+6J Benalmádena Av. de los Argonautas, s/n, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.980.256 -45.584.332
Haus HCJW+QV Benalmádena Real de Torrequebrada, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.818.852 -45.528.473
Benalmadena HCRH+Q8 Benalmádena Cam. el Villordo, 4, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.919.724 -45.717.428
Holiday Club HFJ4+GR Benalmádena Av. de Europa, 4, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.812.168 -45.430.126
Benadelmadena HFR4+4V Benalmádena Unnamed Road, 29630, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.903.368 -4.542.845
Diamond Resorts Benalmádena Management Sl HCWG+2J 

Benalmádena Lugar Urbanización Benal Playa, 0 Lugar, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.951.032 -45.734.757
Club Skandia HCPG+XV Benalmádena Unnamed Road, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.873.984 -45.728.685
Villa Azul 7 HCR9+8X Benalmádena 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.907.959 -45.800.983
Andulusia Appt HFQ8+5F Benalmádena Calle Le corbousier, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.879.707 -45.338.189
Lisboa HFXM+G6 Benalmádena 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.988.528 -4.516.898
Samir Espane hôtel HFJ6+M7 Benalmádena Ctra. Cádiz, 18, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.816.461 -45.393.729
Hotel Marysol JF38+9X Benalmádena Av. Salvador Vicente, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 366.034.205 -45.325.121
3F HCJW+6J Benalmádena Av. del Sol, 113, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.807.752 -45.536.484
Segehotel Calle Perla, 0 S N, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga 365.968.497 -45.533.544

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